We Are Good Foundations!

Our ultimate aim is to care, support and guide you into living your best life. We want you to live in a home that you are proud of, where you can invite your friends and feel comfortable. We want to help you achieve your aims and enjoy being a kid. We want you to accept responsibility for yourself and use your experiences to help guide you into better decision making. We want to prepare you for life outside of care, where you feel confident in yourself and the life decisions you make.
Most importantly! We want you to feel happy, we want you to enjoy life and give you the tools to be a mature adult who can achieve anything you wish to achieve.

Our Targets...

We offer an environment that mirrors a family home

We work with you to identify your needs and aims

We will listen to you and negotiate a better way of expressing how you feel

We believe that your experience should be a happy one

We are a collection of care homes based in Wirral, Chester and Wallasey. We are purposely in these areas so we can provide care and support to the young people who have grown up and have families in or around these areas, our care teams also live locally and have good knowledge of all the local facilities we can access to help improve your chances of achieving your goals We feel this so important as it offers our young people an opportunity to access all of the things they need, in an area where they are familiar and often have friends and family nearby.

Our philosophy is that if you feel at home in the area you live in, it is easier to adapt to the change of home you live in. We believe that your experience should be a happy one, where you can laugh and have fun and enjoy yourself as well as keep safe and achieve things in your life. Being looked after can be very difficult, you are often surrounded by people whom you’ve never met before and you have people making decisions about your life whom you’ll often feel haven’t listened to what you want. This can add to your anxiety about moving around from place to place.

Our priority is you! We want you to achieve things in your life, we want to help you achieve your goals. This could be identifying the right school or education placement for you, it could be helping you find things that you enjoy doing, it could be keeping in contact with people you know. We believe there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t achieve whatever you put your mind too. We will provide a lovely living space, this will be in a house that looks like every other house in the street, there will be no signs outside telling everyone.

A little bit of history...

  • 15th July 2004
  • 7th February 2005
  • 25th October 2005
  • 28th July 2006
  • 12th November 2010
  • 5th March 2015